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Emotional health problems affect one in five Americans in any one year - as many as all other diseases combined.  While these issues do not discriminate based on race, culture, religion, or gender, they aren't a hopeless cause.
Here, we're committed to seeing you through and guiding you back to wellness.

Outpatient Services
  • Individual Therapy for Adults - (Short Term)

  • Crisis Intervention Services

  • Marital & Family Therapy

  • Psychiatric Services/Medication Therapy

  • Referral Services

  • Supportive Therapy

  • Intensive Intervention Services (IIS)

  • Home based crisis intervention (HBCI)

  • Trauma Systems therapy (TST)

Community Based Services
  • Trauma Systems Therapy for Children

  • Home Based Crisis Intervention for Children

  • Intensive Intervention Services for Adults

  • Availability is flexible, based on the needs of the individuals being served.

Personalized Recovery Oriented Services
  • People can choose to enroll in a few or many of our services related to their needs.

  • Community Rehabilitation and Support

  • Intensive Rehabilitation

  • Clinic Treatment

  • Ongoing Rehabilitations and Support

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